Replacement TranX Transponder Cases – Old Style

Sometimes racing luck gets us, and weird things happen. Take for instance your transponder leaving your car/kart/bike, and finding itself into your exhaust/tire/asphalt. One you finally find it, it may look something like this.

broken old tranx

I do not come across many actual dead transponders that I can swap the case from, and lately I have been getting more requests to fix badly damaged cases. One trick I have used is a rather strong epoxy, so after I hollow out the inside and clean up the case. I can use that ultra strong epoxy to help get that unit back into service.

Something I have been working on for those cases that are really beyond repair, is to create a new case that is strong and pretty close to the same dimensions. Due to the material I am working with, the printer used, etc., I have made slight changes on the inside to help bolster the mounting points. The epoxy actually gets a great grip on the roughness that the 3D printing process leaves from how it layers the plastic. Using that strong epoxy helps keep it all together rather nicely. Some early kart tests are proving promising and a speedway now has a few cases as well, so if anything goes wrong I can look at the design and see where it can be tweaked.

Here are some early pictures of a full case mod (they sent me transparent yellow instead of solid, but it looks cool), while the repairs I sent to the speedway were just the bottom half. See the gallery below.

If you have a broken case there are a few ways to go about things. Sew up a pouch with some grommets, and tie wrap that to your mount. Send me some pictures and I can explain if you are safe to try and epoxy things back up, or send it in for a case transplant. Car transponders are printed in red, while Kart are kept in yellow. While I am ordering in the correct yellow, it is pretty neat how the transparent case catches the light outside. Who knows, it might be easier to find in the grass to prevent the mower from eating it.

Any questions feel free to use the contact us form, or subscribe to our newsletter blast. I do hope to improve upon the 3D printer I am using and help hide that stepped looking from the layering process. Thanks all, hope you enjoy seeing this project and I will add some more pictures over the next few weeks as things are improved. I am looking at the “classic” style case to see how well that can be printed.