Repairs Times back to normal and other updates

Repair times are currently back to normal, the larger orders have been completed or shipped.

In other news the dual charger is now in stock and available to ship.  We are running three 3D printers, and huge thanks to for the outstanding filament for the cases.  They did send us some glow in the dark filament, so for fun we printed off some limited edition single chargers.  If you have anything you want 3D printed, contact us with your files or idea.  While our printers have been going 24/7 to keep up with orders, we are trying to build up enough stock to where we can allocate the printers to custom projects.

Glow in the Dark Cradle

Glow in the Dark Cradle

In another handful of weeks our SLA machine will arrive from Formlabs, we have some projects planned for this printer.  Look for more updates on that soon!

We are now out of stock on 160 style transponders, but we do have a limited amount of “Classic” style 260 car/bike transponders arriving in a week.  If you would like to sell your working or broken transponder please let us know.

We do have a small waiting list for the 260 style transponder, so if you are interested in more info please contact us.


Thanks all!