Racing Transponder Repair – Update for early February

Due to increased volume of repairs and a few tracks that have sent in boxes of transponders for repair. Turn-around times could be a bit longer than the normal week that we have been hitting.

If you are a track needing repairs before your racing season starts, please let us know and inquire about our track rates.

If you are a group of racers and want to pool together, email in to see what we can do for you.

The CNC repair process is greatly helping with the turn-around times; however, older style transponders (with screws in the case) do take longer since they do not go on the CNC mill. We are in the process of building a CNC mill largely from the really cool OpenBuilds parts to speed up the process on the old style transponder. The newer style or so called “Classic” transponder works really well on the CNC with the jigs built around them.

Best of luck to everyone this racing season!