Improved cases for old style transponder – new SLA printing process

With the arrival of an amazing SLA printer from Formlabs. We are now printing our replacement cases in a tough material that is then UV cured to further add to the durability. This new printer takes around the same amount of time as the FDM machines to create one case, but has some cool advantages. We can do custom text inlays like adding your team name, transponder number, and more directly into the case design. Not to mention the cases look smooth with none of the layering showing.

The pictures in the gallery are based on the design that was worked out to best fit how our the FDM machines were working. The design will be tweaked to have smoother edges and a finer radius, something that was causing the prints to fail on the other machines, the SLA machine can make it happen. The are some internal ribs and thicker walls to help add more strength to the hoop and tab areas on the case, normally where we see the originals breaking. These internal structures do not interfere with any part of the transponder, and once the poly resin in place it holds rather well.

Next up for this machine is a case to fit newer style transponders, and a universal car/bike/kart mount that can hold either style of transponder.

Due to the increased costs of using this machine, we currently have no plans to make chargers. Instead the custom chargers will still be made on the FDM machines, but we have found a great US based vendor that is providing us with superb filament that prints really well. Check out for more info, especially if you have a 3D printer and are looking for a great source of amazing filament.

Made with new MakerGeeks Ultra PLA

Made with new MakerGeeks Ultra PLA