Custom charging cradles for AMB / MyLaps Racing Transponders

New design by Mueller Toys that allows you to charge both the old style AMB / MyLaps racing transponders that have the screws in the case or the newer "Classic" style that has a grey/black cap on one end. This will not work with the Flex or X2 racing transponders, and as of this time we will not support those.

Important: While we are working quickly to create stock in each color, we may not have it in the color you pick. Currently we are stocking a good amount of the following in order of popularity: Red, Yellow, Black

Direct Store links below, followed by more information.


Other colors we are keeping in limited stock, and we are happy to do larger orders if you have a need for them. If you would like your name, car number, or other options please let us know.

See pictures for details, if your transponder looks like the units in the gallery this cradle will work.

Pricing in the store includes one AC wall adapter, and one DC car adapter. You may also choose to order just the cradle and use the adapters you may already own.

Sleep mode function is supported on the "Classic" style transponder and some older style, not all of the older models supported this feature.

1-yr warranty.

Works with MX, TranX 160, and TranX 260, Kart Classic, Car and Bike Classic, branded under AMB / MyLaps.  For sale on eBay for those that prefer that shopping method.

Custom transponder charging cradle

Custom transponder charging cradle with transponders shown.


Red Cradle

Red Cradle


MyLaps Charging Cradle - Dual Holder

MyLaps Charging Cradle - Dual Holder


Made with new MakerGeeks Ultra PLA

New lighter blue and vivid red, not that you want to - but this material is dishwasher safe!