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For lack of a better name the 'Transponder Saver' is a small add-on device that works with your existing AMB / MyLaps chargers for the old style and 'Classic' style TranX, 160, 260, MX, racing transponders.  (does not support the Flex or X2 models) What it does:  Helps you cycle the transponder so you can […]

New product: Transponder Saver

Repair times are currently back to normal, the larger orders have been completed or shipped. In other news the dual charger is now in stock and available to ship.  We are running three 3D printers, and huge thanks to for the outstanding filament for the cases.  They did send […]

Repairs Times back to normal and other updates

Wanted to share a nice article by Motor Cyclist Online on the repair process – check it out here. The review was done on the “New” style AMB TranX 260 also known as the MyLaps Car/Bike Classic racing transponder, which is the style that gets a small cut on the CNC […]

Repair review by Motor Cyclist Online

During the next few weeks repair times could be a bit longer than usual, we will notify you in advance if your unit will be delayed. Our goal is to not delay any individual racer’s transponders, but due to larger repair orders arriving later this week there is a chance […]

Transponder Service Time Alert

Sometimes racing luck gets us, and weird things happen. Take for instance your transponder leaving your car/kart/bike, and finding itself into your exhaust/tire/asphalt. One you finally find it, it may look something like this. I do not come across many actual dead transponders that I can swap the case from, […]

Replacement TranX Transponder Cases – Old Style

Custom transponder charging cradle
3/20/2016 Update: Now available in the store and on eBay.   This single charger will work for both the older style (with screws in the case) and the “Classic” style AMB MyLaps racing transponders. MX, TranX 160, and TranX 260 are supported. They include one cradle, an AC adapter, and DC (car) […]

Transponder Chargers